Federation of World Peace and Love

Solidarity Determines Our Future

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
Vice President of the Association of World Citizens,
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI
President of the Federation of World Peace and Love
December 20, 2023


Distinguished Guests, Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good day!

Since we entered into the 21st century, natural disasters and manmade calamities repeatedly threaten the survival of humanity. Tomorrow, sunshine, fresh air, biodiversity, sufficient food supply, children's smiles, and security of existence may become unobtainable luxuries. On the eve of new year 2024, this December 20th, 'International Human Solidarity Day’ is reminding us that the key to the sustainable survival in the future will depend on the unity of humanity, which is a shared responsibility for all.

Looking back, to the United Nations General Assembly in September2000, representatives from 189 Member States adopted the "Millennium Declaration," and the eight Millennium Development Goals were announced in 2001.  “Solidarity” is one of the fundamental values stipulated in the "Millennium Declaration" to be essential to international relations in the 21st century.  The General Assembly designated December 20th of each year as "International Human Solidarity Day" to underscore the importance of seeking common ground while respecting differences. It serves as a reminder for governments worldwide to adhere to international agreements and commitments, and it seeks to raise public awareness and practice of the vital role of unity and cooperation.

According to the forecast of the United Nations, the global population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050 and could soar to 11 billion by 2100.  Each of these figures represents the challenge of fostering harmonious coexistence and sustainable development among humans, the environment, and all living things.  We need a compassionate approach to achieve a sustainable balance, ensuring that everyone has access to resources and promoting the balanced use of limited resources so that we can build a world where all individuals can lead fulfilling lives and people are happy, healthy, and content. We must have a shared understanding, and that is: the unity of humanity is imperative.

International cooperation to address global issues is a crucial pathway to achieving world peace, with education playing a key role. Promoting inclusive education, fostering respect for diverse values and perspectives, eliminating biases and discrimination, and equipping individuals to address conflicts and disputes through communication and dialogue are essential components of achieving peaceful resolutions. In daily life, respecting and embracing different perspectives, beliefs, and backgrounds, from individual to international levels, through global efforts, contributes to the construction of a society characterized by mutual understanding and harmony.

On "International Human Solidarity Day," we explore the keys to promoting global solidarity: conscience, love, and peace. Conscience serves as a guiding compass in life, while love is a selfless and powerful force. Love and conscience have the ability to transcend differences and boundaries, uniting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. By embodying the values of love and conscience, we can contribute to the building of a more harmonious and peaceful world for future generations.

Conscience is the inner voice that guides us in the right direction, helping us discern between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, and good and bad. It strengthens moral awareness and behavior. Peace requires dialogue, mutual understanding, and reconciliation.  Through respectful and harmonious means, global citizens will be able to resolve conflicts, promote fairness and justice, cultivate individual and societal conscience, implement human rights protection, and contribute to the realization of a world free from discrimination and oppression.

In the era of globalization, countries must unite and cooperate to fight against disasters and withstand crises. Faced with challenges, it is essential to adhere to the fundamental principles of fairness and social justice, promote global partnerships, reduce poverty, and foster democracy and freedom in order to achieve collective prosperity. Regardless of their size, all nations must ensure a balanced global development. Solidarity is essential to problem-solving. Through the promotion of a culture of conscience and peace, the aim is for countries worldwide to work together beyond their political stances, fostering a collective mindset for the benefit of themselves and future generations.

Solidarity determines our future. Let us discard selfishness and base our actions on conscience. By upholding the international order, eliminating inequality, removing barriers, and establishing trust and respect among nations, we can promote peace and security, development, and human rights. This paves the way for the realization of human rights protection and fundamental freedoms.

We believe in the power of love to promote human solidarity.   When we treat others with kindness, respect, and empathy, embrace divides and establish a bridge of understanding, will we be able to strive to build a peaceful world where everyone is valued and endowed with rights. Each individual can start from self, and little by little, personal efforts can have a positive impact on the entire society. Let us build on the existing foundation, unite, and work together to achieve the common goal of a sustainable future.

Today, on "International Human Solidarity Day," we urge all global citizens to actively participate and contribute, transform the established goals and commitments into tangible actions, embrace conscience, love, and peace, and promote unity in the global family. Let us work together to build a beautiful future rooted in conscience, love, and peace.

May everyone endeavor

To achieve goals through action

May the world

Realize peace through solidarity