H. E. Abdul Rahman Swar Al Dahab / Former President of the Republic of Sudan
H. E. Stjepan Mesic / Former President of the Republic of Croatia
H.E. CassamUteem / Former President of the Republic of Mauritius
H. E. Kgalema Motlanthe / Former President of the Republic of South Africa
H. E. Sir Iakoba T. Italeli / Governor General of the Republic of Tuvalu
H.E. Moses Nagamootoo / Prime Minister of the Republic of Guyana
H.E. AneroodJugnauth / Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius
Hon. Samiuela 'Akilisi Pōhiva / Prime Minister of Tonga
H.E. Taneti Mamau / President of Kiribati Kiribati
Douglas Osheroff / 1996 Nobel Physics Prize laureate
H.E. Maatia Toafa /Prime Minister of Tuvalu
H.E. Jose Ramos-Horta /1996 Nobel Peace Prize laureate / Former President of The Democratic Republic of Timor
H.E. Ajaratou Isatou Njie-Saidy / Vice President of Gambia
H.E. Yahya Jammeh / President of Gambia
H.E. Abdoulaye Wade / President of Senegal
H.E. Oscar Arias Sanchez / 1987 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate / Former President of Costa Rica
H.E. Girma Wolde-Giorgis / President of Ethopia
H.E. Armida Villela Maria de Lopez Contreras / Vice President, Honduras
H.E. Dominador Kaiser Bazan / Vice President, Panama
H.E. Rizo Castellon / Vice President, Nicaragua
H.M. King Mswati III / King of the Kingdom of Swaziland
H.E. S. R. Nathan / President of Singapore
H.E. Frederik W. De Klerk /1993 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate / Former President of South Africa
Hon. Jody Williams / 1997 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Hon. Joseph Rotblat / 1995 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
H.R.H Samdech Krom Preah Norodom Ranariddh / President of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Ms. Betty Williams / 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
H.E. Leonel Fernandez / President of Dominican Republic
Mr. H.H. the Dalai Lama / 1989 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
H.E. Pedro Passos Coelho / Prime Minister of Portuguese Republic
H.E. Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos / Vice President of Angola
H.E. Laura Chinchilla Miranda / President of Republic of Costa Rica
H.E. Jigme Thinley / Prime Minister of Bhutan

In Focus

  • FOWPAL delegation welcomed in Arab world, spreading message of love and peace
  • 2017 Taking Action for A Promising Future
  • Former Prime Minister of Bhutan, H.E. Jigme Y. Thinley, Praises Dr. Hong Tao Tze as The Hope for a Better World
  • 7 heads of states ringing Bell of Peace committed to peace and justice
  • The Sound of the Bell of World Peace and Love Resonates in New York Once More
  • The first ringer of the Bell of World Peace and Love - Former President Nathan of Singapore set a good example of peace
  • An Era of Conscience focus of attention in the UN NGO Conference searching for key to sustainable development
  • 2016 World Summit of Love and Peace - Culture of Conscience the Solution to Sustainable Development Goals
  • We are all world citizens! Celebration World Citizen Day in Los Angeles
  • 〔Video〕Congressman Ed Royce rang the “Bell of World Peace and Love” to pray for the whole world.
  • In Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the UN Global Awakening of Conscience 195 Countries Respond to the Movement of An Era of Conscience
  • Encompassing the planet with love in an era of conscience
  • Joyous Occasion at the 16th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World – People from 194 Countries Respond to An Era of Conscience Movement
  • Nearly 200 people from 18 nations to celebrate the International Love and Peace Day
  • 〔Greetings〕The Awakening of Conscience: World Citizens Supporting Love and Peace